Hi, Iā€™m Troy.

I build websites.

New Site

I’ve had a personal website since I was 11 years old (way back in 1997). Since then, the internet has changed so much. I can’t even begin to list the technologies and techniques I’ve learned in just the web development space, let alone computers in general.

Since then, I graduated high school, got a job at a software company, went to college, worked at Disney World, went back to college, got a degree, and finally got a job at Rackspace. It’s been a crazy ride, and I guess it’s still only just beginning.

By now, I’ve redone my personal website about 6 times. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart about keeping all of the old versions for posterity’s sake, but I’m sure they’ll get along just fine without them. Needless to say, this version will be a bit different. Even since the last time I built a personal site (in 2010), I’ve learned a tremendous amount.

This entire site, including and especially the content, is under version control using Git and GitHub. GitHub is such an incredible service that I can’t believe I ever lived without. I’m starting to contribute to some open source projects on there, too. I’ll post more about those in the future.

Since the entire site is in GitHub, I am using their amazing static site generator called Jekyll. GitHub runs the entire repository through Jekyll any time a new commit is pushed to it, and then hosts the results for free.

I always tell myself that I need to write more. The problem has historically been that I haven’t had much to write about. Lately though, I’m finding myself more and more able to come up with - I think, at least - interesting topics that are relevant to the web world. Hopefully I can deliver on that. I’m certainly going to try.