Hi, Iā€™m Troy.

I build websites.

Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament 2004 is my second-most favorite game of all time. Being the gigantic nerd that I am, I attend LAN parties and gaming conventions like QuakeCon as regularly as I can, and UT2k4 is a staple in the traditional gaming repertoire. I also love open source stuff, and services that further the spirit of open source, like GitHub.

That’s why I’m so excited about way Epic is developing the newest installment of Unreal Tournament. According to their announcement, the entire game will be developed in the open, completely from scratch, using the new Unreal Engine 4.

I think this is the future of software development. Develop in the open for everyone to see, and prove with your code that you’re doing things the right way. The analogy I like to use is a cook working in a kitchen that has a window looking into it. It keeps the cook honest, and forces him to not cut any corners.